On this online course, designers learn how to redesign parts for the Laser Beam Melting process ( also called LBM) considering technology - specific design guidelines. In in-depth and hands-on sessions, participants learn how rethink parts for Laser Beam Melting efficiently. The training course imparts knowledge that will help you to minimize the cost of printing errors and significantly reduce the cost of parts. 

The Content 

Unit 1 : Introduction to Laser Beam Melting for Designers

Unit 2 : Material Proporties for LBM

Unit 3 : Design for LBM

Unit 4 : Cost Estimation and Design to Cost

Pratical Unit 5: Data Preparation in Magics or Siemens AM Module

Practical Unit 6-9: Practical Case Studies

What are your benefits from this course?

  • Learning how to successfully design for LBM
  • Hands-on experience of the complete AM design workflow 
  • Fundamentals of the AM process to understand design thinking
  • Practical design exercises using AM software solutions
  • Introduction to AM software solutions possible


CAD design experience / basic  engineering and design knowledge


English or German


1,5 Days

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