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Workshop Leadership by Judith Bergner (Skillfactors München)

The workshop by Judith Bergner will take place on 24.11. and 01.12.2023 from 09:00 - 17:00.


Join us in a thought-provoking workshop designed to dissect the core elements of effective leadership in a research context.

Our main topics will be:

Selecting Brilliance: precision in recruitment and onboarding

Learn how to identify and attract talents that align with your research group´s objectives. Explore possibilities to enhance retention and engagement.

Mentoring Mastery: Applying psychological insight for personal growth

Uncover the psychological factors that lead to long-term professional development and cultivate high potentials through personalized guidance and by giving feedback that makes a difference.

Creating Synergy: Fostering effective team dynamics

Learn to activate constructive communication patterns, clarify roles and tasks and use conflict resolution methodologies for diverse teams. Create a work atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and motivation.

Crafting Your Leadership Skills: from research to impact

Engage in case studies and real-world examples to tailor your leadership approach in order not only to lead but to inspire and encourage your team members – create a sense of joy at work and lead by example.

Registration is open until 18. November 2023.

The workshop will be held in English, online.

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