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YOCTO Introduction

A course for anyone who wants to learn more about Yocto.

- What is Yocto?

- How does it work? How do the layers work?

- Does every board need its own Yocto?

- Can Yocto solve my variant issues?

- Will Yocto deliver a reproducible result?

- Which tasks emerge for me since I am creating my own distribution?

- Can Yocto help with the subject matter of licensing, and if so, how?

Learn how to create a u-boot image with Yocto. Or an SD card to boot your device. At the end of this course, you will be able to integrate your own application in Yocto and understand what a device tree is, how to build your own kernel, and how to integrate it into Yocto.


  • What is YOCTO / and what it is not (short overview)
  • Short introduction to “git“
  • YOCTO and git
  • Yocto layers, shown on the example of Poky and Hardware Manufacturer BSP Layers
  • Generate an Uboot image for booting the device
  • Generate a SDcard image boot Linux
  • Generate a cross-toolchain for a specific ARM platform
  • Integrate your own applications (makefile, autotools, QT, cmake) in YOCTO (define your own layer)
  • Build your own kernel and integrate him in Yocto
  • Device tree and YOCTO

Date:* Start of courseEnd of course
25.01.2021- 29.01.202109:00 (CET)

13:30 (CET)

Language: English

* Additional dates 2021:

21.06.-25.06.2021 (Kurssprache: Deutsch)

22.11.-26.11.2021 (Kurssprache: Deutsch)

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