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Top Eight Automotive Spice® (ASPICE) Blunders

​​​​​​​The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation
​​​​​​​in which ​​
software is playing an increasingly important role.

In this changing landscape, product development requires a shift in thinking.
Traditional approaches based on rigid and bureaucratic processes are no longer
sufficient to meet the demands. Instead, agility, flexibility, and the ability to adapt
​​​​​​​quickly are now critical for success in the competitive landscape.

This is where ASPICE® comes into the picture. Automotive SPICE® (Software
Process Improvement and Capability Determination) is an internationally
ecognized maturity model providing a suitable framework to help companies
design their own development processes. It establishes best practices that enable
companies to increase product quality, improve efficiency, and ensure relevant
standards are met.

However, the introduction of Automotive SPICE® comes with its own set of
challenges. These challenges may relate to both technical and organizational
aspects. Some of the most common challenges in the introduction of Automotive SPICE®
are explained in this e-book.

With this e-book you increase your knowledge about:

  • The role of Automotive SPICE® in automotive development
  • Challenges in the introduction of Automotive SPICE®
  • Common errors and specific remedies
  • How the right tooling can help tackle these challenges

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