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CFP: DIVERSITY in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom

Our conference addresses the challenges of digitalisation and diversity faced in foreign language classrooms. We provide the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their latest work. Our aim is to  explore avenues for future teaching and research. While there is a wide array of research on e-learning and diversity, the particular implications for foreign language classroom contexts have yet to be explored. This conference aims at making a significant contribution to closing this gap by bringing together a broad array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. In response to the challenges of digitalisation and diversity, we place a dual focus on exploring the benefits of digital teaching in delineating and advancing diversity both as a concept and a method in the foreign language classroom.

Main questions are:

      What are the theoretical foundations on which digital teaching and e-learning are built? How do these affect foreign language classroom contexts?

      How does digitalisation affect or enhance research on and conceptualisations of diversity across the fields of linguistics, literary and cultural studies? What are didactic implications within the foreign language classroom context?

      How do e-learning concepts support teachers in handling heterogeneous learner groups in classrooms or responding to the particular abilities and needs of learners?

This conference forms part of the project "LehrerbildungPLUS Heterogenität und Diversität" (Prof. Dr. Keßler, English Department, PH Ludwigsburg, University of Education, and Prof. Dr. Priewe, American Literature and Culture, Stuttgart University​​​​​​​) funded by the German Ministry of Education. This joint project aims at disseminating and expanding on latest developments in the study of both digital teaching and research on "diversity". Our mission is to improve digitalization skills and diversity awareness for Lehramt students during their BA and Masters studies. For further information on the project please visit 



Nils Drixler, Rich Powers, Dr. Saskia Schabio


Date and Location:

October 6 – 7,  2022

University of Education Ludwigsburg


Reuteallee 46, 71634 Ludwigsburg

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January 30, 2022

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Conference Fee:

This conference is free of charge, however, a 30,- Euro voucher for free finger food and beverage has to be purchased.