Have you thought about how to better manage your time for and commitment towards your Ph.D. especially in times of a pandemic where natural and personal exchange is reduced to a minimum? Exchange ideas on how to stay motivated, how to prioritize and how to stay focused, especially now when there is no given office structure. Examples of how to do it, including materials & tools, reflection exercises are offered.

We aim for you to not only learn from the content we deliver (tools & methods) but more so also from facilitated exchange in your peer network.

This workshop will be done as an interactive online format with Zoom. You do not need your own Zoom account, but a stable internet connection is required.

About the trainer
Viola Kraus (talentEQ)

For the past 12 years Viola has been working as a consultant in Europe and the US, focusing on Talent- and Change Management. Her client engagements – universities, organizations and private individuals – are based on trust and readiness for change. Viola has given various workshops for CeNS previously, especially on Leading and Supervising in Science.