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A special type of explosion protection: flameproof enclosures

​​​​​​​Flameproof enclosures are one of the oldest types of explosion protection. As they do not prevent explosions but confine them, their underlying safety principle is totally different from that of any other type of explosion protection. The first normative principles for this type of explosion protection were published as early as 1912. Flameproof enclosures are used primarily in switchgear and display units, control systems, drive units and transformers, but also in heating appliances and luminaires.Their design is undergoing a noticeable change: while predominantly used in massive and heavyweight parts in the past, they are now increasingly also found in lightweight construction and with plastic materials.

The webinar focuses on the EN 60079-1 test standard. In addition to general requirements, the presentation explains the structure of the test standard before informing about practical testing and other key aspects. What makes this type of explosion protection so topical despite being over 100 years old is its use in combination with innovative materials with specific characteristics and features.

The webinar provides extensive information on the types of explosion protection and the special characteristics of flameproof enclosures, aimed at manufacturers of Ex products or standard equipment for retrofitting to Ex equipment. The in-depth know-how of the explosion-protection specialists at TÜV SÜD delivers additional certainty in all issues related to the test standards and its requirements.

Date and time: Tuesday, 13 April 2021, 4:00 pm (CEST)

Your speaker: Ulf Liebscher


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