Popcorn and Progressivism: How to Be a (Better) Ally

Workshop with Ted Richthofen, University of Bonn. Freedom of expression is a guaranteed right according to the constitutions of Germany and the United States. However, the lived experiences of non-binary people and members the LGBTQ+ community often reveals a different reality: a constant fear of discrimination, hiding personal relationships, and feeling like expressing oneself is just not possible and not safe. While such a reality sounds harsh, it is the everyday norm for many people. Do you find this is unjust? Want to learn how to help?

Then we invite you to our workshop with the American queer activist Ted Richthofen. Together with Ted, you will learn how to become an “ally” in order to support members of the LGBTQ+ community and how to create inclusive, supporting and welcoming environments. Ted will focus on key points like self-reflection, tolerance, anti-discrimination, respectful language and many other ways of showing solidarity. Of course, he will also answer all of your questions.

Ted Richthofen – originally from Denver, CO – moved to Germany to pursue his education in American Studies with a focus on alcohol Prohibition and the War on Drugs. He also enjoys writing on the topics of gender studies and feminism. He received his Masters in American Studies at the University of Tübingen, then started a PhD position as a research assistant in the North American Studies Program at the University of Bonn. Ted is majorly interested in anti-discrimination activism and has participated in several groups and initiatives both in the USA and in Germany. As a transgender man, he aims to humanize queer people, one conversation at a time.

In English

Location: d.a.i. hall

Free admission and popcorn

In cooperation with Alumni Relations of the University of Tübingen

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