Registration has ended

Dear Parishioners, 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic you are required to register for Mass attendance.  The situtation limits the number of available seats within each church location.  As a way of showing your christian spirit, please register for only ONE Mass per weekend allowing the opportunity for as many parishioners as possible to attend. 

Due to the rising number of Corona cases it is now required to wear FFP2 or Medical/Surgical face masks during the entire Mass, not only when entering and leaving, but also while you are at your seat.

Mass attendance

Please register only for members in your household. If you like to register for i.e. 3 members of your family in your household, please fill in their names with all details as required. Afterwards you will get an email with your registration details.

Important Note

Please accept our data privacy statement if you want to register for this event. Important -  your registration for Mass has absolutely nothing to do with formally registering with the State or with paying church taxes. They will be destroyed after 4 weeks. The lists are mandated by the Gesundheitsamt (Health Department) to enable them to contact you should anyone attending the same Mass tests positive for Covid-19.

Church Location, Mass-Date, Mass-Time

The registration for this event has ended.