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Aims of the course:

  • Obtain an overview of modern manual and physical therapy techniques
  • Acquire insights on the importance of the muscular fasciae
  • Discover new techniques and tricks that can be implemented in the daily work
  • Learn about preventive medicine
  • Learn about the interaction between the rider, the saddle, and the horses’ back
  • Learn about the importance of feeding during rehabilitation
  • Critically discuss about interesting cases

Course details:

High level equine athletes frequently suffer from all kind of injuries that may keep them away from sports for long periods of time, reducing their chance to return at full capacity. As in human sports medicine, it is very important to correctly manage these horses during their rehabilitation period. The aim is to assist the equine patients keeping their physical shape and motion range, alleviating pain, as well as maintaining some level of training to allow them to return as quickly as possible to their pre-injury level. Since new treatment technologies appear continuously and many medical therapy options become available to veterinary medicine, it is difficult for the equine practitioner to follow up.

Therefore, this veterinary lecture course will focus on many aspects of equine rehabilitation, to give an overview of new and established techniques to the participants. The attendees will be introduced to the clinical use of several physical and manual therapeutic modalities, some of which can directly be applied in their day to day practical work. The course is also designed to allow the equine practitioner to acquire basic knowledge on important biomechanical aspects that are relevant during the rehabilitation of horses and on injury prevention.

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