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ONE-DAY-ONLINE Symposium: Call for Papers: Making Global Citizenship Education for the Arts & Humanities

PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg / KOALA-Initiative / English: University of Education Ludwigsburg / University of Stuttgart

This initiative reaches out to researchers, teachers, and future teachers dedicated to designing evidence-based, supportive, creative, and cooperative digital environments for cultivating global citizenship. Our aim is to explore avenues for introducing the UN AGENDA 2030 into the intercultural communicative classroom with a special focus on the potential of maker education for the arts and humanities including, e.g., literature studies, design education, play studies, and visual culture studies.

‘Making’ is a fast growing trend in recent educational technology. So-called ‘makerspaces’ provide safe areas where students are encouraged to imagine, experiment, perform, and ‘make’. This project constitutes a foray into better understanding the value of ‘making’ in enhancing creative learning in the teaching of language, literature, culture, and the arts. We see two distinct points of connection: (1) convergences between poiesis – acts of making – and (2) the safe spaces that arts and fiction provide, enabling deep and slow thinking, and enhancing our capacity of imagining “what it would be like to be in the position of someone very different from oneself” (Martha Nussbaum 2002: 289).

This project addresses newcomers to ‘making technology’ as well as cordially inviting experts already working in this area to share and bring in their best practice examples. It invites researchers, artists, teachers, and schools interested in empirical, cognitive cultural and literary studies, design, play, creativity, visual studies, and the visual and performing arts.

We welcome presentations of research results & work in progress, including the following areas:

· Good-practice examples focusing on K 12 literature classrooms

· Theoretical foundations and perspectives in empirical aesthetics

· Perspectives from the field of cognitive literary and cultural studies

· Research on performance and performativity

· Research on Global learning & Global Citizenship Education 

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