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We cordially invite you to be our guest on Friday, October 8th, at the Royal Museums Greenwich, Romney Rd, London SE10 9NF, United Kingdom. There will be a shuttle from Rochester to the event location and back. The bus will leave at 4 p.m. from the va-Q-tec office to the event location in London and will return around 12 a.m. For those, who want to come there directly, the welcome reception will start at 5 p.m.

You can look forward to inspiring presentations, extraordinary entertainment and declicous food.


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The event will be held in compliance with all current corona rules and regulations. For planning purposes, it is important for us to know if you will be attending the event vaccinated, recovered, or with a negative test. 

Please mark and accept our data protection declaration ( if you want to register for this event. 

The registration for this event has ended.