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Dear Parishioners, 

The Diocese of Limburg has updated their regulations the celebration of Mass indoors.

For the protection of others, anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness, fever, or other symptoms that may indicate infection with COVID-SARS-2 should not participate in religious services.

For services where large numbers of visitors are expected, so that the maximum possible number of seats is exceeded, a pre-registration procedure must be used. In Hesse, only the name must be included. The list must no longer be kept and can be destroyed immediately after the service.

The wearing of masks remains mandatory (medical mask or mask of the standards FFP2, KN95 or N95). The obligation to wear a mask does not apply at the place of seating. However, a mask must be worn when going in and out and when leaving the seat (e.g. for communion).

Those directly involved in the liturgy, such as the celebrant, the lector, and singers, are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask during the direct performance of their service. During the service, the distance requirement of 1.5 meters in all directions must be observed. 

However, we will observe the further development of the vaccination progress and the general discussion in view of Christmas.

Since our situtation still limits us to the number of available seats within each church location we kindly ask to please register for only ONE Mass per weekend allowing the opportunity for as many parishioners as possible to attend. 

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Mass attendance

Please register only for members in your household. If you like to register for i.e. 3 members of your family in your household, please fill in their names with all details as required. Afterwards you will get an email with your registration details.

Important Note

Please accept our data privacy statement if you want to register. Important -  your registration for Mass has absolutely nothing to do with formally registering with the State or with paying church taxes.

Church Location, Mass date and time

The registration for this event has ended.