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Day 1: Lectures

  • Early registration, until the 15th of April 2019: Only 25 Euro + 5% VAT: 26,25 Euro (about 110 AED)
  • Late registration, after the 15th of April 2019: 30 Euro + 5% VAT: 31,50 Euro (about 130 AED)

Day 2: Practice (fees for 1st day included!)

  • maximum 16 participants!
  • Early registration, until the 15th of April 2019: 250 Euro + 5% VAT: 262,50 Euro (about 1100 AED)
  • Late registration, after the 15th of April 2019: 300 Euro + 5% VAT: 315 Euro (about 1300 AED)

Deadline for registration: 20th of April 2019

No on-site registration possible!

The fee includes the hand-outs, as well as food and beverages during the coffee breaks and lunch.

 We highly recommend participants from abroad to purchase a travel cancellation insurance, in case of force majeure cancellation or exceptional circumstances! 

Aims of the Course:
  • Acquire an overview of respiratory pathologies affecting sport horses
  • Acquire insights on diagnosis and therapy of inflammatory airway disease (IAD)
  • Learn about new techniques and tricks to treat airway diseases
  • Learn how to perform and interpret a bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Learn how to perform airway endoscopy
  • Learn how to perform diagnostic echography of the larynx
  • Discuss interesting cases
Course Details:

During intense physical activity, sport horses show VO2max values which are much higher than those of human elite athletes. In order to have adequate oxygen uptake and delivery to their muscles to maintain an aerobic metabolism, horses need a healthy respiratory tract. Airway diseases limit their ability for oxygen uptake resulting in faster development of anaerobic states. They lead to a faster development of hyperlactatemia and consequently to a dramatic drop in performance. Respiratory pathologies are therefore one of the major and most common causes for exercise intolerance in sport horses.

Therefore, it is imperative to be able to diagnose airway problems in sport horses in the routine equine practice. A good understanding of the most important aspect of the respiratory physiology and pathophysiology is necessary when veterinarians are working with sport horses.

This practical course will focus on the most important aspects of equine respiratory diseases, to give an overview of the state of the art and new techniques to the participants. The attendees will be introduced to the clinical use of several diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, some of which can directly be applied in their day to day practical work.


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Deadline for registration: 20th of April 2019.

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