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Workshop: Basics for data protection in digitization research

Freedom of research on the one hand - personal rights of the "researched" persons on the other: two fundamental rights in step?
Data protection law permits the processing of personal information and provides rules for this. For scientific research, research privileges are included in several places.

The workshop illuminates the (supposed) thicket of data protection and translates the legal language in a practical way. Using examples, you will learn the basics of this legal field for your research work, how research projects are designed and implemented in a data protection-compliant manner, and what rights the people involved in research have.

Heidi Schuster is a lawyer, data protection officer at the Max Planck Society and lecturer in data protection and telecommunications law at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. She has many years of lecture and seminar experience in public and non-public sectors.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants and is open for CAIS employees, CAIS Fellowes and PhDnet members.


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