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“Do you want create value from your battery research and drive innovation in the energy sector?

Join the Battery Science to Business (BS2B) workshop. Application deadline is 25 September!

What is it?

The Battery Science to Business (BS2B) workshop, organised by POLIS and AXEL – The Energy Accelerator, is a short program that teaches scientists and researchers how to create value from their battery research and technology. Participants will bring forward their best ideas and work in teams to turn them into potential commercial applications. All of this with the help of mentors and coaches!

The goal is to:

i) develop your entrepreneurial skills,

ii) make your research have a business impact and shape the society of tomorrow,

iii) apply innovation techniques and methodologies to your research,

What’s in it for me? 

The majority of the PhD researchers pursue a career in industry, start their own company or work in the public sector. This workshop is useful to all these career paths:

You will be able to understand the business context, the customer's point of view, and you will have an overall high-level business perspective on your research and technology.

Programm Overview

    - Friday, 07.10. (14 – 17 Uhr) | Meet your fellow participants and coaches, pitch your research idea, vote for the best ideas and form your own cross-functional team for the business opportunity identification.

    - Friday, 21.10. (9 – 17 Uhr)| Develop your Value Proposition, design your business model and present your business offer

How to apply? 

1. Sign up using the form below.

2. Describe your research idea (max. 1000 characters) as well as your motivation to participate in the workshop (max. 1000 characters) here.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are looking forward to hearing from you!




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