EMO Review & Opening Aerospace Centre of Excellence

EMO 2017 Hannover was a great success with visitors from all over the world. To share this experience with you, we herewith invite you to join our EMO Review 2017 at our European Headquarters in Krefeld, Germany. 
On the same occasion we will open our Aerospace Centre of Excellence in our premises. Dedicated to provide cutting-edge machining solutions for the industry it will act as a proving and testing ground for aerospace manufacturers.

New products exhibited at EMO 2017 as well as high-precision machines for Aerospace parts will be presented during the event:

  • MULTUS U5000 LASER EX and MU-6300V-L LASER EX super multitasking machines offer the best of both subtractive and additive manufacturing
  • MU-10000H for large Aerospace components
  • MA-600H featuring cryogenic machining for titanium parts
  • Newly introduced machine tools like MU-S600V and GENOS L3000-e will be displayed in robot assisted set-ups featuring solutions from renowned partners
  • Okuma's smart factory solution Connect Plan enables advanced factory visualisation, data processing and analysis as well as predictive maintenance

This event offers guided tours, live machining demonstrations and time for individual discussions with the experts.

This is a one-day event. When registering, please choose the date that suits you best.

Tuesday, 07 November
Wednesday, 08 November
Thursday, 09 November

Event Details

  • When

  • Tuesday, 7 November, 2017 - Thursday, 9 November, 2017
    09:00 - 17:30

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