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Warm invitation to the workshop Reflections from Ukraine: Navigating Powerlessness in the Midst of War and Crisis

What does it take to continue working in the midst of an ongoing war? How must our organizational frameworks, therapeutic approaches, and support systems evolve to meet the evolving demands? This workshop provides an interactive space for exchange with psychosocial support practitioners from Ukraine, delving into the complexities of navigating environments marked by powerlessness and profound crisis. Drawing on experiences from organizations and psychosocial centers currently active in Ukraine, we explore various facets of resistance, adaptation, and protection: Topics include organizational restructuring, engagement with new client groups, outreach to marginalized people, formulation of guidelines and strategies, and the cultivation of robust international networks for solidarity and knowledge exchange. 


  • Nataliya Gourjii, Ivanna Prytka, Serhii Tkachuk (online) | ROKADA Charitable Foundation 

  • Dina Gud | Danish Refugee Council

  • Ruslana Rudenko | Odesa Psychoanalytic Society & " The 10th of April"

moderated by: Larissa Kunze | BAfF e.V.

The workshop will be held in English and Ukrainian with simultaneous translation. It takes place at Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin.

The workshop is part of the three-day conference "Resist. Defend. Protect. Psychosocial work in times of the rise of right wing politics" organised by BAfF e.V. and medico international. The conference is fully booked. However, this workshop welcomes a broader audience beyond conference attendees. It is made possible by funding from the Federal Foreign Office. 


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