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Training iSAQB® CPSA-Advanced AGILA (3 days)



Our AGILA training will take place as an online training.


Agile Software Architecture - Design and develop software systems and Architecture according to agile principles

Software architecture is increasingly being developed by self-organized teams with shared responsibilities and in an iterative fashion. New skills are needed by developers and architects alike - they include technical expertise as well as methodological and communicative aspects.

In this seminar you will experience how agile principles change the way we work on software architectures and how architectural practices are embedded into agile processes and methods like Scrum. New techniques, interesting ideas and good practices are introduced in small batches as we iteratively make our way through a sample project. You’ll have a hands-on experience of a new architectural discipline. A discipline that doesn’t focus on a sole mastermind architect, a disciple that is based on agile and lean concepts and is a natural fit for agile contexts. A discipline that emphasizes pragmatism and transparency.

Workshop language: English


The training is licensed by the iSAQB as part of the Advanced Level Certification (CPSA-A). By participating in this 3-day training you will receive 30 credit points (20 methodical / 10 communicative). The iSAQB AGILA curriculum was developed and contributed by our trainers - it can be found here.


  • Agile principles and mindset

  • Concepts of agile software architecture

  • Risk-driven architectural work

  • The Last Responsible Moment for architectural decisions

  • The Architecture Vision to implement Just-Enough-Upfront-Design

  • Iterative architectural work within Scrum

  • Handling technical debt in a bigger scale

  • Architecture principles and their impact

  • Recurring reflection and lightweight assessment techniques

  • The Role of the Software Architect in agile contexts

  • Methods supporting efficient group-decisions

  • Architecture as an important aspect in agile organizations

  • Anti-Viscosity and other governance 2.0 techniques


Stefan Toth supports for one and a half decades international projects with technical and conceptual work as engineer, architect, trainer and coach. His main focus lies in the conception and evaluation of mid-sized to big systems, enabling our customers to actively shape their systems, technologies and platforms as needed. Stefan’s experiences from customers all over the globe fed dozens of publications, including three books. Stefan Toth is the expert for agile software architecture in D-A-CH. He has developed the iSAQB syllabus for this module and is a board member of iSAQB. The embarc GmbH was the first licensee and is the leading training provider for the CPSA-A AGILA.

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The participation fee is 2.100 € plus VAT for the three-day training.

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