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Group Coaching on “Deconstructing Performance – Creating a Positive, Healthy, and Personal Approach towards Performing in Science”


The coaching sessions will be conducted online via Zoom in English.

The process consists of 3 sessions:

  • 1. session: 08.09.2023 from 9:00-11:30
  • 2. session: 22.09.2023 from 9:00-11:30
  • 3. session: 13.10.2023 from 9:00-11:30

It is important that you participate in all 3 sessions to maximize the coaching success. So note down the 3 dates in your calender as soon as you book this group coaching ;)

The gap between each session allows participants to apply their insights and learning, as well as reflect on their progress.

Since it is a group-coaching, we have only a very limited number of available places- so better be fast!

Need and aim of the group-coaching

In today’s competitive academic environment, where resources are limited, young academics face increasing pressure to perform in order to succeed. This pressure often leads to tension as expectations from various levels—such as the academic system, university, supervisors, and self—converge. Moreover, the performance measurement system frequently incentivizes actions that conflict with personal values and beliefs, resulting in frustration and underperformance. University needs young scientists who can stay mindful of the expectations set for their performance and adjust their output in a meaningful manner.
The aim of the group coaching process is to support the participants in developing a positive, healthy, and personally aligned approach to the concept “performance” in science, based on their individual values. This process equips PhD candidates with a resilient mindset and a solid foundation, enabling them to persevere through major challenges during their thesis work, preventing them from giving up and quitting their work. Furthermore, participants will form supportive peer groups, fostering ongoing support and collaboration beyond the coaching process.

Content Main topics that will be explored and discussed during the group coaching process:
➢ Exploring the understanding of "good performance" within the context of science.
➢ Examining the different perspectives on performance: the system, university, supervisor, self.
➢ Reflecting on participants’ desired relationship with performance and identifying the values, beliefs, and mindset behind it.
➢ Creating conditions for good performance.
➢ Identifying sources of support for achieving the goals.


Mariann Nagatsu, MSc in Psychology, Certified Solution Focused Coach, Senior Practitioner (EMCC Accreditation) & Dr. Manuela Tischler, HM Graduate School

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