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Safety requirements for charging equipment and wall boxes​​​​​​​

The rapid growth of electric mobility has resulted in an equally dynamic growth market for charging infrastructure. Flexibility and innovative solutions for new charging stations are in demand to drive fast expansion. IC-CPDs and wall boxes are regarded as cost-effective variants, enabling electric vehicles to be charged at home or at work. Of course, these products also need to fulfil requirements to ensure protection against electric shock. Key aspects in this context include short-circuit rating, residual current monitoring (RCM) and insulation coordination.

This webinar addresses the IEC 61851-1 standard and, in particular, the use of integrated RDC-MDs in accordance with IEC 62955 (mode 3) and IEC 62752 (mode 2). The session particularly focuses on the required short-circuit rating, residual current monitoring and insulation coordination for AC conductive charging systems (ACC). It provides participants with a detailed overview of their responsibilities regarding the above aspects and the efforts involved.

The webinar benefits all manufacturers of charging-infrastructure devices and their components. Companies currently developing such products will benefit particularly from this knowledge and gain a head start right from the design phase.

Date and time: Wednesday, 5 May 2021, 4:00 pm (CEST)

Your speaker: Norman Thein


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