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Conference: Criminalisation, Citizenship and Democratic Dilemmas

Nov 8th/9th/10th

The three-day conference focuses on the intersections of democracy, social justice and citizenship in diverse fields of criminalisation in Europe, asking in particular about the dilemmas of democracy that follow from the policies and practices of criminalisation.

The conference will include contributions and formats by and with representatives of NGOs and activist groups engaged in fields of criminalisation in Europe, and by humanities and social science scholars.

As closing conference of the project "CrimScapes: Navigating citizenship through European landscapes of criminalisation" is will also provide a platform to present and discuss the results of the project.

An updated programme can be found on our website:

The event will be hosted at REFUGIO, Lenaustr. 3-4 in 12047 Berlin (Near U8/U7 Hermannplatz)

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Wednesday, Nov 8th

2 pm Keynote by Vanessa Thompson: “Policing (the Crisis), Surplus and Abolitionist Resistance in Europe”
Project Presentation by Prof. Dr. Beate Binder and Dr. Agata Dziuban

Coffee Break

4:15 Panel: Criminalisation and The Politics of In/Visibility

Finger Food

6:30 Fishbowl with Activist Groups

Thursday, 9th

11 am: Workshop by the AnthroCrime Network: Rethinking the anthropology of Crime and Criminalization from the margins


2 pm: Keynote by Jonas Bens: "Punishment and/as Colonial Violence"


4 pm: Panel: Criminalisation and The Politics of In/Visibility II

Finger Food

6:30 pm: Get-Together and Launch of Graphic Novel

Friday, 10th

11 am: Panel: The Politics of Emotion in Fields of Criminalisation


2 pm: Workshop: "Going public": Joint development of a policy paper on criminalisation. Collecting recommendations from different activist and academic perspectives.

4 pm: Gleanings and Soft Closing


We reserve the right to programm changes and to exclude people from participation in case of discriminatory incidents.

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