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Graduation Ceremony - Graduates International Courses

 Winter semester 2022/2023 & Summer semester 2023


Registration for graduate is open from 01.08.-31.08.2023. Therefore, please register no later than 2023/08/31. After the registration deadline for graduates, registration for guests (max. 3 people) will be opened. Registration for guests will start on 2023/09/01 and will close automatically at full capacity. We will not accept registrations after this period.

Please understand that due to limited space in the auditorium, only people who have registered for the ceremony and have a valid ticket can attend the graduation ceremony. If you are unable to obtain space in the auditorium for your companions, you are welcome to bring them to the get-together.

Life motto

In order to make your celebration a special experience, we look forward to receiving your succinct life motto, which please indicate in your registration.


Venue: Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Aula (Bau 1, 2nd floor), Schellingstraße 24, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Meeting point for graduates to line up: Intermediate room in front of the auditorium (2nd floor) by 3:30 at the latest. From here, all graduates will solemnly enter the auditorium, grouped by degree program.
Admission for guests: The auditorium opens at 3:30. Seating for guests is located in the galleries (3rd floor) and in the back rows of the auditorium (2nd floor). Please be sure to follow the on-site signage and arrive well before the event begins.
Start of event: 4 p.m. with honoring of all graduates of the winter semester 2022/2023 and the summer semester 2023 and awarding of prizes.
End of event in the auditorium: approx. 5:30 p.m.
Get-together: from 5:30 p.m. in the atrium in building 1
Block IV Party: from 6:00 p.m.

Seat reservation

The graduates will be seated together in the front part of the auditorium, grouped by study program. The seats of the respective study program are signposted. Please note the notices on site. The graduates of a study program will then be called together in groups to the front of the stage.


Photos will be posted on our website and college social media channels. By bindingly registering for the event, you are giving us your consent for this.

Dress code

You are welcome to dress festively. There is also the possibility to rent or buy a gown. You can use the following link for this purpose if needed:

There will be no supervised checkroom at the event.


Please note that no certificates will be presented at the graduation ceremony. You will receive your transcript from the Examinations Office. Please inform yourself under this link:  Studies


​​​​​​​Graduation box

The student councils of the three faculties of the HFT Stuttgart as well as the Asta together with the Wirtschaftsberatung Horbach GmbH send out a Graduation box. You as a graduate can register for a box free of charge. It will be sent directly to your home as an appreciation of your achievements.
You can register for a box under this link:

As HFT Stuttgart, we would like to point out that in order to receive the box, you provide your contact information to Horbach Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH and not to HFT Stuttgart. The company will contact you by phone to present their services as life and financial planners. Please keep this in mind when providing your data. At the special request of the student councils, HFT Stuttgart is participating in this campaign for the first time and will evaluate the experience afterwards.


If you have any questions about the graduation ceremony, please send them to:

Contact details graduates

The confirmation and tickets will be sent to the following mail address. Please bring your ticket to the event.


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