One characteristic of a crisis is that there are few best practices to fall back on and little to no experience in regards to solving them. These circumstances require less fixed solutions but rather models of thinking which serve as a toolbox for self-organization and new ways of solving problems as they emerge. The primary aim of our online-seminar „crisis leadership“ is to ensure the fast actionability of individuals, teams and organizations in times of crisis. Participants learn about relevant models, tools and immediate application in order to gain stability and actionability for themselves, their teams and organizations. Furthermore, the online-seminar gives the opportunity to network in a group dialog format with relevant impulses from the trainers including guidance for the current situation. As a result, the participants are able to establish needed structures for overcoming the crisis and creating new ways of working in present and future times of crisis.


The current crisis with all its consequences affects us and our work more than ever. It is therefore necessary to establish structures and concepts for the survival of your organization, to emerge from the crisis as unharmed as possible and to shape the future. 

Serving as an example for understanding the impact of the crisis and illustrating possibilities for shaping the future, participants of this course will learn the TOP organizational model (Klaus Nowak).

We aim to ensure the capability of individuals as well as teams to act on 3 levels: individual, team and organization. The webinar offers an orientation to managers on all 3 levels: for self-management, stabilization of teams as well as organizations and for the establishment of new structures for crisis management.


„Crisis leadership“ includes short actionable aspects that are appropriate for the current crisis situation and at the same time offers an interactive program:  

·     „Crisis Leadership" (1. 5h)

Content of the online-seminar

·      How can I as an individual ensure my ability to act and use existing resources while conscious about my impact and limitations in an uncertain context?

·      How are crisis teams and task forces sensibly formed and provided with tasks, responsibilities and communication formats? 

·      What distinguishes team leadership in normal circumstances to team leadership in times of crisis? What can I expect of the team and myself? In which way is 
      stabilization through leadership needed? 

·      How can leadership in a crisis redefine the meaning of an organization and thus enable new contracts for cooperation in line with the situation? 

·      What does strategic action in a crisis mean in terms of „creating new options, regularly reassessing the current situation and acting accordingly"? 

·      How can I protect myself and the organization from false information?

·      Where do existing as well as new rituals help during times of crisis? 

·      What kind of separation in terms of culture is needed in order to be able to distance myself from topics and beliefs, but also to say goodbye to colleagues and 
       employees in a good way? 

·      How does leadership make different resources available?

·      How can I get „a break from the crisis“ and where can I find room for new perspectives, values and culture?

Further offers building on the webinar: 

·     Video tutorial with the option of asking the trainer questions afterwards

·     Customer-specific training

·     Regular learning conversations

·     Individual coaching via web/phone

Target group 

·     Managers at all levels

·      Project managers with and without disciplinary function

·      Anyone who find themself in a crisis in an unexpected, structuring role/function/responsibility

The focus of this online-seminar is on creating leadership awareness and developing practical tools under the influence of an external or internal crisis. Leadership experience is helpful to work on real-life situations, but it is not necessary . . . in times of crisis anyone can suddenly find him or herself with leadership responsibility.

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