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Hey guys,
on the 4th of November we’re planning a daytrip to Stuttgart. 🏙️

We will not only explore the city, but go to the famous Mercedes Benz museum. 🏎️

We already have some things planned for you, but there will also be free time for you guys to spend.


You only have to pay *2€* for the museum. The rest is covered by us. 

Please prepare the money so you can give it to us when we are in the train to Stuttgart. 

AND if you don‘t have the „Deutschlandticket“ you have to buy yourself a „Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket“. You can use it for the whole day and the ride to Stuttgart and back to Augsburg. It costs 44€.

We will leave at the Augsburg HBF (Main Train station) 🚋 about *9am* and will return after having dinner about 8pm. The train ride is about 2-3 hours so we will be *back in Augsburg around 22:30pm*.

We will send you more information in a seperate WHATSAPP GROUP after your registration via eveeno. We will send you the exact train rides to book and all the other important infos. 

*So please enter this group chat after registrating.*

Enter this group:

If you don‘t register till Wednesday you can‘t join this trip. 

Your SWOP Team! 🧡


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