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"Let's talk about ... customer centric approaches!"

"Creating a great customer experience is key to our business. Therefore, we want - this time -  to focus on how we can improve customer loyalty with 3 customer centric approaches  from our partner Google and from 2 Otto Group Companies, Venus and OTTO."


Our agenda:  

June 21th, 2022

CEST (German Time)*

3:00-3:05 PM:         Welcome & presentation of the Agenda | Pauline Hajduk & Elsa Veen, Otto Group DC

3:05-4:00 PM:         Sustainability matters - Effective customer centric communication, eduction and transparency Christina Aigner, Martin Meier & Louise Barry, Google

 "Users expectations are changing, sustainability has become a key consideration factor when purchasing from a brand. At Google we are hearing brands ask how can we effectively communicate about sustainability to our customers in a way that resonates and educates without hindering the user experience and avoids greenwashing. This session aims to provide actionable, data led recommendations from our mUX specialists on how best to incorporate & communicate sustainable efforts & impact to consumers"

4:00-4:05 PM:         Short Break

4:05-4:30 PM:         Build a Permanent Seat at the Table for Your Customers  | Maryam Afshar & Andrew Whitaker, Venus

"This presentation shares the story of how VENUS is closing the loop on research by building a community of engaged customers and putting them at the same table with brand stakeholders for a meaningful and continuous conversation."

4:30-4:35 PM:         Short Break

4:35-5:00 PM:         Intent Recognition for a personalised page generation of OTTO's onlineshop & app  | Neele Manssen, OTTO

"The OTTO homepage and the App Dashboard consist of many different content elements which used to be manually arranged, so that every user accessing these pages saw exactly the same order of content elements. However, we know that our users come to us with quite different intentions. Some of them want to know when their order will arrive, some want to get inspired by our assortment variety and some already know exactly which product they want to buy. Thus, we are currently working on identifying these different user intentions in order to arrange the content elements in a personalised matter in realtime, so that every user will see the individually most important content elements on top of the page."

5:00-5:30 PM:         Networking  | all 

​​​​​​​*Please be aware of that the event time is 3pm CEST and might change according to your time zone:  Hamburg = 3pm CEST | London = 2pm | Chicago = 8am | Jacksonville = 9am | Brazil = 10am


​​​​​​​Any questions? Please just get in touch with us! We are happy to help.

Pauline Hajduk & Elsa Veen



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