Europe Week 2017

Registration will be closing on February 1st 2017!

The Europe Week is designed to raise a global perspective and intercultural awareness amongst our students and to encourage them to take up an exchange within their degree.

All ERASMUS+ lectures will be integrated into the modules of our 20 programmes of the business school. Our guests are welcome to offer subjects of their choice and expertise ranging from accounting, business administration, controlling, economics, finance, intercultural communication, IT, law, logistics, management, marketing, project management, tourism to name only a few.

Teaching will be scheduled from Monday morning 08 May until Friday afternoon 12 May.

After the registration deadline we will know which subjects are being offered and we will be able to match these with our requirements. The schedule with all ERASMUS+-lectures will be published in week 16 and we will try our best to cater for your specific needs.

The Europe Week is organized within the framework of ERASMUS+ and participants are required to teach a minimum of 8 contact hours in the form of lectures, seminars, case studies, projects or a combination of them.

In 2017 you will have the opportunity to promote your institution amongst students and colleagues during the ERASMUS+ study abroad fair. The 2 hours time frame will be counted towards your ERASMUS+ mobility.

As a result we are kindly asking you to prepare 6 contact hours (ch) for lectures or seminars. Please notice that 1 contact hours lasts 45 minutes and 6 contact hours will last 270 minutes or 4.5 hours. It is common that 2 contact hours are given at a time for the same group.