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Youth Work & Trainers Bazaar: micro-Bazaar Summer Sessions

The Youth Work & Trainers Bazaar is an initiative involving practitioners from the Non-Formal Education field that builds connections beyond Youth Work by exploring a range of related topics using Bazaar-style events to create enriching and rewarding experiences that fuels practitioner learning.

The purpose of 'The Bazaar' is to create settings in different locations that mimics and captures the atmosphere, colours, smells, noise, sensation, and environment of the archetypal and traditional Middle Eastern marketplace.

Following the success of the first Youth Work and Trainers Bazaar back in March, we have decided to organise a number Micro-Bazaars, were some of the Guest Speakers have very kindly offered to come back and deliver their sessions once more.

As there are no parallel sessions at the micro-Bazaar, you will not have to make tough decisions on this occasion as to which session to attend. The micro-bazaar also provides opportunities to introduce new speakers on related themes and you will see more of these being added to our line up in due course.

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