This year the Siemens RIE Aachen Arc Conference brings together experts from academia, industry, and government to explore the latest advances in simulation and digital twin technologies within the context of the industrial metaverse. The conference will feature interactive discussions that encourage collaboration between different stakeholders, with the goal of accelerating the development and deployment of these technologies for the benefit of society. For the detailed agenda, click here

As part of the annual conference we will host the second day at KU Leuven (invited guests only). If you would like to join the first conference day at RWTH Aachen, please check the box below. 


Event Program

Siemens RIE Aachen Arc Conference 2023 

Simulation and Digital Twin Technologies in the Industrial Metaverse:

Towards a More Predictable and Sustainable Future

Second conference day (invited guests only)

7th December - @ KU Leuven 

9:00-13:00 (KU Leuven)

  • Talks by Prof. Dr. Wim Desmet (Managing Director KU Leuven), Jean-Claude Ercolanelli (SVP Simulation and Test Solutions and CEO NV, Siemens Digital Industries Software), Dr. Peter Körte (CTO & CSO Siemens AG)
  • Lab Tours Digital Twins at KU Leuven 
  • Networking Lunch

13:00-17:30 (Siemens Industry Software, Haasrode​)

  • Parallel Workshops (13:00-15:00)
    • Digital Twins in design, analysis and monitoring of the dynamic behaviour of machines and vehicles hosted by Prof. Frank Naets (KU Leuven),  Prof. Bernhard Rumpe (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Dr. Mark van den Brand (TU/e), Dr. Katrien Wyckaert (Siemens)
    • Straight-through digitalization in manufacturing hosted by Prof. Dominiek Reynaerts (KU Leuven), Prof. Christian Brecher (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Martin Witte (Siemens)
    • Human Digital Twin interaction hosted by Prof. Karel Kellens (KU Leuven), Dr. Michael Schluse (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Andreas Hutter (Siemens)
  • Siemens Lab Tour
  • Closing & Networking Drinks

Participation is limited. We will send an email to confirm your workshop registration. 

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