This course addresses the end-to-end process chain to design bionic lightweight parts. Participants will learn how to set up a topology optimization and how to include bionic features in the design. Finally a producible bionic part is designed, prepared to build, and manufactured. 

The Content

Unit 1 and 2 : Theory od Optimization and Introduction to Altair's Inspire Software

Practical Unit 3-5 : Set Up Topology Optimization and Stractural Interpretation

Unit 6 : Material Proporties for Laser Beam Melting

Unit 7 : Design for LBM

Unit 8-10 : Bionic Design of Individually Optimized Parts ( Theory and Practical)

Unit 11 and 12: Digital Process Chain and Data Preparation in Magics ( Theory and Practical) 

Practical Unit 13 : Finalization of Bionic Design for Printing

Unit 14 and 15 : LBM Machine Operation and Tour through Fraunhofer IAPT Machinery ( Theory and Practical)

Unit 16 : Cost Estimation and Design to Cost for LBM

Unit 17: Application of AM in Different Industries

Unit 18 - 22 : Post-processing and Quality Assurance ( Theory and Practical)

What are your benefits from this course?

  • Learning how to successfully design for Laser Beam Melting (LBM) including bionic design features
  • Fundamentals of the AM process to understand AM design thinking 
  • Introduction to AM software solutions and topology optimization
  • Practical design exercise using AM software solutions. 


Basic engineering knowledge, CAD experience recommended


English or German


3 Days

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