Within the SAE initiative lies DigiFed dedicated to supporting EU industries to digitalize their product & services and reaching new markets enabled by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & Embedded Systems. During the last 20 months, the DigiFed Innovation Action has relied on its DIH-network and ecosystem to support SMEs in the development of innovative solutions in the field of CPS.

As part of its efforts to contribute to this network and ecosystem, DigiFed is glad to invite you to its Second DIH-Ecosystem Event the coming 8th of November, focusing on gathering experiences, challenges and recommendation of different DIHs throughout Europe, and promoting the collaboration and complementarities between DIHs.

The event will consist of two sessions. In the first session, we will centre on comprehensively understanding the different services provided by DIHs, the value proposition brought to their users and local environments, as well future value propositions and services DIHs may want to develop. Moreover, we will explore existing resources that enable DIHs to provide their value proposition, as well as necessary resources to produce new services to their users. Challenges being faced by DIHs and recommendations for local and European bodies will also be discussed. Inputs and interaction will be moderated by a taylored-made canvas-based tool using the MURAL platform. The second session will make use of these inputs to explore complementarities and opportunities for DIH-DIH collaboration, as well as with EDIH applicants. A dedicated matchmaking online platform will be implemented to maximize your opportunities to achieve complementary collaboration with other DIHs on a one-to-one basis. Further information about the matchmaking platform will be sent before the meeting. 

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HourDurationActivityInteraction mode
08:5010 minsAccess to Second DIH-Ecosystem Event
09:0020 minsWelcome and Introduction to DigiFed
Introduction to DigiFedPlenum
DigiFed state-of-the-art and recognized DIH challengesPlenum
Rules of interaction and introduction to MURALPlenum
09:2090 minsInteractive Session
Current and future value propositionsWork in groups
Resources: What do we have and what do we want?Work in groups
Discussion: Outcomes and resultsPlenum
DIH-ChallengesWork in groups
Discussion in Plenum: RecommendationsPlenum
10:5020 minsCoffee Break
11:10~90 minsCollaboration and Matchmaking Session
40 minsIntroduction to matchmaking session and platformPlenum
Collaboration objectives and complementaritiesWork in groups
Conclusions and send off to matchmaking platformPlenum
~50 minsMatchmakingMatchmaking platform

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