Metal Binder Jetting Training

(2-day hands-on training)

Metal Binder Jetting is one of the most promising metal Additive Manufacturing technologies with a high potential for low cost and high-volume digital manufacturing. However, the complete process chain of Binder Jetting is highly complex and the supply chain is still developing. AMPOWER created a unique binder jetting training course in cooperation with the FRAUNHOFER IAPT in Hamburg. Participants will learn the theoretical basics accompanied by a comprehensive hands-on session through the complete process chain.

Content of the course

Day 1: (theory)

  • Binder Jetting Market Overview 
  • Overview of Technology Principle
  • Material Properties and Process Parameters
  • Design Guidelines forBinder Jetting and Sintering 
  • Cost Consideration and Driving Factor
  • Data Preparation 
  • Safety Measures

Day 2: (hands-on) 

  • Print job preparation in Magics
  • Process parameters selection
  • Machine Preparation
  • Curing Cycle
  • Depowdering
  • Debinding and sintering 

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