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Describtion: new volunteers will be introducted to the structure of Johanniter Disaster Response, its different modules, related processes and responsibilities. The theory is followed by a practical training which aims to get familiar with the equipment.


Travel arrangements

Please indicate how you intend to arrive. If you travel by train SPOC will take care of the ticket booking therefore please indicate also your home train station, prefered train connection and Bahncard number, if existing. Volunteers from Austria, Finland and Hungary please discuss travel arrangements with your national focal point.

The following section is applicable only, if you have selected public transport and a train ticket is needed.

Accommodation and food

Catering will be provided during the entire training. Please indicate food preferences or incompatibilities. We try to prepare for your needs as best as possible. All participants will be accommodated in double rooms. Please indicate, if you wish for a certain volunteer as your room mate.

Personal protective equipment

Johanniter Disaster Response clothing such as polo shirts, fleece jacket, mission jacket, trousers and work gloves will be given out in the beginning of the training. Please use the following box to indicate which item is needed and your size. Volunteers, who have received clothes already, are requested to bring it along. Please bring your own safety shoes (category S3), provided by your Johanniter regional association.

Data protection declaration

I agree that above given data will be used for the preparation and implementation of the event. I agree that my name, email address and mobile number will be displayed to the other participants of the event. I confirm my participation has been approved by my Johanniter regional branch (or line manager).


The registration for this event has ended.