Have you ever thought about what do you actually want to do with your PhD…. how to write or improve your CV and cover letter so it actually receives attention? Do you know the differences between applying for a job inside or outside Academia?...and what about the future? Will my skills also be in demand in 5 years?

This interactive online workshop, comprised of two days with group work, plus appr.15 min individual online career counselling.

What will you know or have by the end of this workshop?

  1. Individual feedback on your job application documents
  2. A good or better idea about your strengths and how to communicate those within your documents and verbally during an interview
  3. Suggestions on job search strategies and professional networks
  4. Insights on the “Future of Work” – how the job landscape might change in times of automation and AI

Please come prepared

Each participant has to bring a CV as well as a cover or motivation letter (a first draft will be fine). You will focus on these documents during both days and here will be ample of time to edit your documents, while receiving individual feedback. (please see CV examples in the dropbox in case you need inspiration for your first draft -

About the trainer
Viola K. Kraus (talentEQ)

For the past 16 years Viola has been working as a consultant in Europe and the US, focusing on Talent- and Change Management. Her client engagements – universities, organizations and private individuals – are based on trust and readiness for change. Viola has given various workshops for CeNS previously, especially on Leading and Supervising in Science.