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Dear Bioeconomy community,

we kindly invite you to register for the virtual BIOCLIMAPATHS Stakeholder consultation on climate hazard risks in the Bioeconomy on March 19, 2021.

BIOCLIMAPATHS aims to better understand impacts of climate change in future societies that have adopted bioeconomy as a substantial pillar of their economy. Bioeconomy will help slowing down climate change but - as the central topic in this project – farmers, supply chains, households and governments may become more exposed to climate hazard related shocks in the supply and prices of food and non-food biobased resources. In this context, the BIOCLIMAPATHS consortium develops a cross-sectoral, modeling framework for risk assessments of bioeconomy transitions subject to climate hazard impacts.

Please register until March 12, 2021 to make sure we can plan an efficient and well-organised online event. The workshop is fully virtual using the Zoom software. For best results, we encourage you to install the most up to date version of Zoom on your computer. Shortly before the workshop, we will circulate an email to all registered participants with the corresponding Zoom link. Please proceed here in order to register »

We are looking forward to a successful interactive workshop with you! We hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

Best regards

Your BIOCLIMAPATH Organising Team

Liesbeth de Schutter for Austria   |   Alfredo J. Mainar Causape for Spain   |  Anne Warchold for Germany