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Weather extremes and reports of disasters make it clear: Climate change is dramatically picking up speed. At the same time, concern about climate change makes people all over the world join and take the streets. A global climate movement has emerged.

Many groups in different countries participated at Youth Climate Action Day on 23 October 2021. They planted trees, painted posters, took part in international online workshops, organized garbage collection campaigns, built insect houses and creatively campaigned for climate protection.

The next Youth Climate Action Day takes place on October 22, 2022. Especially now, setting the course for climate protection is extremely important – and thus the commitment of all of us. We are planning an international online meeting with workshops, inputs and acitivities from 2pm (CET) until 5pm (CET). Also, everyone is invited to participate with their own actions. Get some ideas at the online meeting or by texting us!



As soon as you are registered, you will recieve the Zoom-Link for our online meeting on October 22, 2022 2pm - 5 pm (CET). If you have any questions, ideas or sponateously cant't participate anymore, please feel free to contact us: info@climateactionday.org. Thank you so much! We are looking forward to getting active with you!

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