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All over the world, creative entrepreneurs come up with alternative concepts or methods to get their business through the corona crisis in the best possible way. They are looking for new income or chasing smart savings, which hopefully will continue to work after the crisis. Governments alike are also looking at new ways of supporting businesses through this crisis. In this Meetup we will share some of the most innovative approaches in the DC Network regions of how creative entrepreneurs and policy makers tackled COVID-19.  The DC Network Meetup #1 will be hosted by DC Network member-region Baden-Württemberg.

Who’s this for?

Creative entrepreneurs, representatives of creative clusters, network and business support organisations, policy makers and anyone with an interest in the subject.



Dr. Petra Püchner (SPOC of Baden-Württemberg region / Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg)

3:00 pm

Carlo Vuijlsteke (Districts of Creativity Network) &
Thomas Schwara (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg)

3:10 pm

Inspiring creative initiatives and business models that tackle the COVID 19 crisis (10 min. each)

4:00 pm

Q&A & Networking

4:30 pm

End of Meetup

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