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Conference Announcement

“Managing forests in the 21st century”

3rd - 5th March 2020

at the Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research

Telegrafenberg, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

building A56, conference hall

UPDATE of the final Agenda: here

Forest ecosystems, their products and services play an important role in achieving ambitious climate change mitigation objectives at the same time requiring profound adaptation to climate change. Forest management schemes to support climate action have to be developed within their regional context but also have to be aligned with national or EU-level climate, forest and sustainability policies.

The conference on “Managing forests in the 21st century” is the final conference of the FORMASAM, REFORCE and FOREXCLIM research projects. The conference will bring together scientific experts on forest management from all over Europe facing very specific management challenges. The conference aims to discuss and improve the understanding the role of forests and forest management in the context of climate change. The conference will address climate change impacts, as well as needs for mitigation and adaptation especially with regard to the following scientific questions:

  1. What are the impacts of climate extremes and disturbances?
  2. What are the management challenges (and options) for resilient forests?
  3. What can we do to increase the contribution of forest management to climate change mitigation?


We welcome scientific contributions to the conference. Please submit your abstract related to one of the three themes and indicate whether you want to contribute an oral presentation or a poster. Additionally, we plan an open session on “The state of Europe’s forests after 2018 and 2019" for which we invite either scientific contributions but also short videos, picture galleries or any other creative contribution you have in mind. There are no registration fees for this conference and catering will be provided free of charge during the conference days.
  • registration opening:     from now on
  • registration closure:       30th November 2019
  • registration at                 To the registration 

Conference format: 

The conference consists of scientific sessions and a field trip. The conference days will be dedicated to presenting scientific results relevant to the conference themes. The conference language is English.

  • talk session:      15-minute-talks on conference themes
  • open session:    contributions to the topic “The state of Europe’s forests after 2018 and 2019"
  • poster session:  presentation of posters on conference themes
  • excursion:          to the local forestry district for a discussion about regional management challenges


The conference is open to citizens and society at large and we especially welcome scientists, policy makers, environmental NGOs and other professionals working in the field of forest management and climate change.

If you are using social media, please use the #21centuryforests