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Dear ISIMIP community,

owing to the current situation, we invite you to register for the first online-only cross-sectoral ISIMIP Workshop from 15-18 June 2020, below. This new format comes along with quite a number of challenges, while at the same time offering great opportunities to establish climate-friendly ways of fruitful collaboration. A major challenge is to schedule an agenda accounting for about 15 different time zones.

Workshop cornerstones:

  • Latest ISIMIP developments: we will present the development of ISIMIP3 climate forcings (bias correction, counterfactuals) as well as recent ISIMIP2 publications. 

  • ISIMIP3 group III socioeconomic forcing data: we will continue with the break-out groups from our Paris-workshop in 2019 putting special focus on adaptation- vs non-adaptation scenarios.

  • A virtual poster session to highlight your recent research advances, collaboration plans, or any other idea you want to share within a 3-min pitch.

  • To deepen the ISIMIP3 focus on detection and attribution of climate impacts, we are happy to announce keynotes by Michael Burger (Executive Director Sabin Center for Climate Change Law) on Climate law and attribution.

  • Kasia Tokarska (Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science ETH Zürich) will give a keynote on climate sensitivity of the Earth system and how it relates to CMIP6 simulations.

  • Of course, we will leave plenty of time for intense discussions and socializing within sectoral sessions.

The feedback you can provide below will help us to schedule the workshop. Please register until 24 May 2020 to make sure we can plan an efficient and well-organised online event.

We hope you are all staying healthy and safe and are looking forward to meeting you online.

The ISIMIP coordination team

Participant data

Please fill in your personal data here. The city/time zone should correspond to your actual location at the respective time. If you need to search for your local time zone, this link may help you.


During the registration you are asked to provide some feedback on which session you plan to attend: 

  • Please tick only sessions you plan to contribute to, or you seriously want to attend. We will use this information to plan the workshop schedule.
  • Once we scheduled the final workshop agenda you will receive the complete program including all zoom links to the respective sessions.
  • We surely won’t be able to set up an agenda that accommodates all wishes at convenient times. So please excuse if some sessions you would like to attend might take place at inconvenient times.

General sessions

Specific sessions: construction of ISIMIP3b group III socioeconomic input data

Specific sessions: sectoral views

Organizational matters


We would like to point out that within this conference, personal data such as your personal date such as contact details,  will be processed by us. These data are processed exclusively for the purpose of organising your participation in the event and contacting you within the framework of the event. Data minimization and the security of your data as well as your rights as affected persons according to the EU-DSGVO are very important to us. If you have any objections, please contact the Organising Team.

If you have general questions in regards to data protection @ PIK, you can contact our data protection officer at datenschutz@pik-potsdam.de at any time. Please read our Data protection policy carefully.

The organizers will ask for your written consent for the production and publication of any photo, audio and video recordings at the beginning of the event, if they occur.


The conference will be executed based on the teleconferencing system Zoom provided by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ("Zoom"), 55 Almaden Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Jose, CA 95113. In individual cases, we are planning recordings of speakers. In these cases, we will approach you via email separately. If you participate in discussions, you and your contributions to the discussion by audio, video and/or chat will be a part of the conference session and will be streamed using the Zoom infrastructure and might be transferred to the USA or other Zoom computing centers in the world. We will not do any recordings of participant discussions sessions. To provide an adequate level of protection for your personal data, Zoom is EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certified. At the same time, in deference to the other participants of the conference and to ensure compliance with EU data protection law, we kindly ask you to not film, take photos, record or further publish any material of the conference and the following discussion. Also please do not forward the Zoom link to third parties. Your participation in these Zoom sessions is not required by law or contract. If you do not provide us with your personal data for the purpose of these meetings, you cannot participate in the conference. If your personal data are processed, then you are a data subject within the meaning of the EU-GDPR and you shall have rights vis-à-vis the Controller.


If agreed, you will be listed on the conference participant list with name, organization and department. The list of participants is used exclusively for conference organization and is made available to the participants of the conference.


If agreed, your abstract will be published on the ISIMIP website.


During the conference, we will provide your posters - potentially as well including a photo of you - on an password protected part of the ISIMIP website or on a cloud folder, which will be only accessible by the conference participants. Your posters will be archived latest three months after the end of the conference.


During the event, the participants might be invited to create a group collage for the purpose of event documentation using the ISIMIP website. The resulting collage will be published on the conference website and might be shared with other websites.

We are looking forward to a successfull interactive workshop with you!

If you wish to, you can always reach us by email to Dr. Martin Park.

Best regards

Your ISIMIP Organising Team


The registration for this event has ended.