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Incubation Program

Apply now to join our integrated tech incubator and become our next unicorn!

Our Incubation Program is a 6-12-month structured program that is designed to give startups the professional support they need to make their business model sustainable and ready for investment - all around our six tech verticals. In this phase, the biggest challenge is to show that your product/ idea actually works and that it can be distributed to customers in a scalable and profitable way. This program will help you to build your prototype, get your product to market, and get additional early funding - so that you can become our next unicorn!

The Incubation Program consists of the following core elements:

  • 6 Topic-specific Verticals
  • Access to our Co-working Space
  • Exclusive Workshops and Trainings
  • Mentoring Program
  • Individual Coaching
  • Cross-university Co-Founder Network
  • Demo Days & Social Events

With the 6 verticals, we created topic-specific innovation ecosystems that will help you with product development & market expertise. Here, you may get access to existing labs, experts and a wide network:

Vertical 1: Future of Mobility & Urban Life

Vertical 2: Next Level Life Science, Health & Nutrition

Vertical 3: IoT, AI, Robotics & Communication Tech

Vertical 4: 21st Century Production

Vertical 5: Green Energy, Chemicals and Materials

Vertical 6: digitalStartups (Non-Deeptech)


  • Mature startup teams with a clear business plan
  • First pre-seed investment (e.g. EXIST) or a remaining run rate for at least 6-12 months
  • Full commitment of all team members to the program

Application Deadline

March 15th, 2020

Startup Selection Process

Promising applicants will get invited for a 30-minute in-person meeting with our selection board in March. The final decision will be shared with all teams by end of March.

Incubation Program Launch Date

May 4th, 2020

Incubation Program Duration

6 - 12 months

Mandatory participation during our kick-off event in the first week of May 2020

Founders & Contact

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Idea & Progress

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