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Efficient and safe application of AI in safety critical medical devices and healthcare 

Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up new horizons for medical technology in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. For example, it can provide early indications of tumors and thus contribute to better and more affordable healthcare. Intelligent diagnostic tools already generate a large amount of data today. In the future, AI algorithms will be able to evaluate this data automatically in a very short time. This will enable medical staff to make much better and faster decisions. How good new AI algorithms are, however, depends on the quantity and quality of the data they learn from. 

In this online seminar, Fraunhofer IKS provides an insight into the methodological spectrum of medical AI. Where does the medical industry stand? How is medical technology evolving? 
Researchers from Fraunhofer IKS will demonstrate the potential of processing already existing data and derive AI approaches from it. Dr. Narges Ahmidi will talk about the applications of AI that are already being used. She will conclude by addressing the question of where AI is well or less suited in application practice. 

Karsten Roscher, Department Head Certifiable Artificial Intelligence, will follow with a presentation of methods and tools that make it possible to achieve optimal results and assistance from data and its processing. The reliability of the systems will be a key focus in his presentation. 

Topics, we will cover in this online seminar:

  • Status quo of the medical industry and AI 
  • Human machine interaction
  • Potential of AI for MedTech
  • Data usage and its limitations
  • Outlook on the future interaction between AI and engineering


4:50 p.m.Virtual meeting room opens
5:00 p.m.Welcome and introduction
(Magdalena Kleeberger, Fraunhofer IKS)
5:10 p.m.

Potential of AI in MedTech
(Narges Ahmidi, Fraunhofer IKS)

5:30 p.m.Outlook on AI in MedTech
(Karsten Roscher, Fraunhofer IKS)
5:50 p.m.Q&A / Discussion and networking

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