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Operation Charly is set up by aka Canneloni and will be a 3 day CQB expirience in Bosnia wraped in exiting missions, on the mount igman near sarajevo in an old abandoned Hotel. I work always with locals also in this case i work with the normal field owner and organiser of this hotel-play-site.

This is an abandoned Hotel on mount Igman near Sarajevo. It is just a couple of minutes away from our sleeping Hotel. This Hotel was quite impressive in the past and can hold easily up to 200 players but for quality reasons we keep it low in the first events. It has several floors and posibilities to change the floors, of course there are also some places which are a bit more dangerous but we will work from 1.10 - till event to save the place up on important places with wooden barricades etc. The Hotel is used by local special units for training cqb.


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BUS (Würzburg/Heilbronn/Munich/Sarajevo/Munich/Heilbronn/Würzburg)

Real Steel Shooting Range

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