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Climate change scenarios are a powerful tool for understanding climate change, charting response strategies, and supporting climate policy making. The aim of the SENSES Toolkit is to provide instruments for better assessment and application of climate change scenario knowledge. It includes tools to learn about the scenario approach and its key insights, visualisations to explore climate change scenarios, and practical guidelines of how to use climate change scenarios.

We cordially invite you to participate in the SENSES Outreach Event. The aim of this event is to connect with our stakeholders and various interest groups. We want to give you an opportunity to engage with members of the SENSES consortium – the scientists and designers behind the SENSES Toolkit. After a welcome session, we have reserved plenty of time for questions, feedback and discussion.

The event will specifically address the following communities: 

  • Climate scenario research
  • Regional scenario users
  • Data visualisation

After a general presentation of the SENSES project, each of these groups will meet in a separate online breakout room. This will enable us to have a comprehensive discussion in smaller groups. 

Please register until January 13, 2021 to make sure we can plan an efficient and well-organised online event. Upon registration we will circulate an e-mail on the day of the event with the link for accessing the Zoom meeting. 


15 January 2021: (Check-in 10 mins before start)

2:00- 2:30 pm CET


Overview of SENSES project and SENSES toolkit

Introduction to climate change scenarios and how to use them

2:30 - 3:30 pm CET

Split up in breakout groups:

  • Climate change scenario research
  • Regional climate change scenarios
  • Data visualization

Short input / presentation

Q & A / Discussion

3:30 - 4:00 pm CET

Return to the main meeting space

Summary from hosts

Discussion in the large group

4:00  pm CET

Closing note

Presenters & Domain Experts

Elmar Kriegler (PIK Potsdam tbc)
Cornelia Auer (PIK Potsdam)
Lotte de Jong (WUR Wageningen)
Kasper Kok (WUR Wageningen)
Henrik Carlsen (Stockholm Environment Institute)
Boris Müller (FH Potsdam)
Jonas Parnow (FH Potsdam)
Fidel Thomet (FH Potsdam)
Nadia Zeissig (FH Potsdam)

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