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Unity Effect's Tool-Café

We are excited to invite you to the first edition of Unity Effect’s Tool Café.

Since Corona, meeting and working takes place mostly in virtual spaces. Even if virtual collaboration may be far from new to you, the intensity of using virtual tools has probably increased considerably for you. During the last weeks we offered digital facilitation training programmes and shared our experience on how to use tools effectively. Our focus there is rather on the methodology and mindset of online facilitation than it is on tools.

So this brings us to the idea of the Unity Effect’s Tool Café. We want to open up a space for sharing experiences, experimenting and learning. And we want to invite you to share your curiosity and experience with others at the Tool Café. More details on that below.

But first - Do you know that feeling when using digital tools and applications can be as confusing and frustrating as it can be useful and supportive? Some tools help make collaboration more fun, to create more interaction within a team or to present information in a more visual way. Some tools simplify and reduce complexity. Some tools are intuitive. Others are complex, hard to master and look awful - and yet still hold value for some use cases.

Not using an extra tool can also be a very wise decision. It is smart to only use a tool when you are very clear on the intention of why you put it to use. But how can you learn new tools and discover their potential benefits more effectively than just looking for tutorials and learning resources online? How do you choose which tool you should spend your time on exploring next? Or, for collaboration or communication tools, who can you partner up with to test it together? As it is much more fun to jump right into it and learn by trial and error and to share with others - that’s what the Tool Café is for.

The first session will set a focus on polling tools with the question:  How can we use polls to create insights and engagement?

Live polls and surveys let you interactively engage with others before, during or after an online session. What experiences do you have? What do you want to learn? So let’s talk about it!

What can you expect?

  • (Very) short input on how to use Mentimeter for engagement

  • Your questions as input for our discussions

  • Shared experience in breakout rooms

  • Being a pioneer for a tool café community ad connect to other curious tool users

What do you need to bring?

  • Curiosity and open questions

  • Experiences (but no expertise needed)

With full anticipation and curiosity we are looking forward to seeing you at Unity Effect’s Tool Café!



The event will take place online on Zoom. You will receive the link in the confirmation email. In case you cannot join please cancel your participation so another person can join us instead.

The event is for free - in case you can and want to contribute financially to this you can do so.

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