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​​​​​​Webinars on „Women in Politics“

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​​​​​​​B) Fair Share?! – How to influence the representation of women in politics by laws and regulations
Webinar by Helga Lukoschat and Stefanie Lohaus
Nearly worldwide women and men are not equally represented as decision makers in politics. What are the reasons? How to overcome this inequality? 

The webinar is looking beyond empowerment strategies by discussing how structures are responsible for a fair share in politics. In which way do election systems influence the presence of women in parliaments? 
What can political parties voluntarily do to ensure an equal representation of women and men? Moreover, are quotas, laws and regulations needed to speed up the process or to reach the goal at all? Experiences from different European countries are giving an overview of international approaches, their successes and limits. In the year of 100 years of German suffrage, the webinar also discusses the current initiatives in Germany, fighting for parity in politics.

A) Politics – that’s not for me?! – Motivating Women for Politics 
Webinar by Manuela Moeller and Cécile Weidhofer

In many countries we find that women are not interested in becoming a politician. Even though a majority of them is very active in initiatives or associations – they do not consider or want to jump into politics to become decision makers. It seems not only being a question of empowerment but motivation.

The webinar will introduce methods how to reach out for women to gain their interest in becoming engaged in politics. Based on good practice and experiences of the Helene Weber Kolleg, a German cross-party network for female (local) politicians, the webinar presents methods, ideas and experiences from Germany. An activity toolkit and public actions will be presented as well as practical insights into chances and challenges of a cross-party network.





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