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Side Event at the Thematic Sessions of the Africa Climate Week 2021:
From science to action - climate risk analyses to support adaptation policies and planning at a local level in sub-Saharan Africa

26 September 2021 16:00 – 18:00 (GMT+3 /EAT)

Agricultural production is highly weather-dependent in sub-Saharan Africa. The risk of yield losses increases even further under climate change, posing a threat to farmers’ income and livelihood. However, despite the availability of a wide range of adaptation strategies, information on their suitability at the local scale is limited.

Against this background, we cordially invite you to participate in the Side Event of the ACW 2021 “From science to action - climate risk analyses to support adaptation policies and planning at a local level in sub-Saharan Africa”. The objective of this session is to discuss ways towards risk-informed adaptation policy-making and actions for climate-resilient development. A recent collaborative research project in northern Ghana conducted a study that identified adaptation options suitable to minimize present and future climate impacts. Based on results from this study the event seeks to identify best practices and design principles for better integrating climate information into adaptation actions on a local and regional scale. 

To begin with, the event will provide two impulses coming from a practitioner and a scientist presenting their view on the need of climate information for adaptation planning. Secondly a round table will bring together representatives from science, international organizations, governments and practitioners working around the topic of agriculture in rural areas in northern Ghana and beyond. After a general discussion there will be sufficient room for your questions.

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