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AI Startup Rising enters the next round with its AI Academy! Sebastian Palacio, Researcher at DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) is going to talk on June, 30, 2022 at 4pm about the explainable AI handbook: a framework for defining an comparing all kind of methods in the field of XAI.

The rising demand for machine learning (ML) models has become a key concern for stakeholders in diverse scenarios, as black-box solutions are continuously being implemented and relied upon. Consequently, an emergent field of ML has focused on intuitive notions of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), in an effort to fulfill requirements mostly related to safety and legal applications. In this talk, current limitations in the field of XAI are being discussed, focusing on the establishment of a framework that contextualizes, among others, the notions of “explanation" and “interpretation" for AI.

About the speaker

Sebastian Palacio is curious and passionate for research and development of new AI-based technologies. He's invested in the areas of Deep Learning, semi-supervised learning, adversarial attacks and XAI. Currently focusing on explainable AI with applications on computer vision. 

More information about Sebastian can be find on his website.

AI Startup Rising 

AI Startup Rising channels the startup activities of hessian.AI, the Hessian Center for Artifical Intelligence. The goal is to aggregate and expand existing competencies in Hesse and to build an internationally visible AI innovation ecosystem that understands the region’s cutting-edge AI research as a source of sustainable high-tech and deep-tech startups, produces successful startups, and acts as a point of attraction for talent, investors, and companies.

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