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-Does AI revolutionize the Life Sciences?

AI offers new opportunities to improve the way we work - and to save lives. Together with AI experts from research and start-ups as well as from different fields such as pathology and radiology, we want to take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges of using AI in Life Science. For this purpose, there will be 4 exciting keynote presentations from research and entrepreneurship and a subsequent panel discussion with audience participation - the evening will end with finger food and discussions in smaller rounds. The agenda is as follows:

17.00-17.15: Welcome & Introduction RWTH Innovation 

17.15-18.35: Keynote speeches

Keynote 1 - AI in neuropathology, Univ.-Prof. med. Boor, PhD, Institut für Pathologie des UKA

Keynote 2 - AI in medical imaging, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ing. Schulz, Institut für experimentelle molekulare Bildgebung der RWTH

Keynote 3 - AI in cardiology - Meik Baumeister, Co-Founder Cardisio GmbH

Keynote 4 - AI at Medtronic - Dr. Javier Saiz Vivo, ML Research Scientist at Medtronic

18:45-19.15: Panel discussion: Is AI changing Life Science and Medical Care? And where can corporates and start-ups add value?

19.15-... : Networking, Drinks & Fingerfood

This is an event of the RWTH Innovation Expert Hubs. The RWTH Expert Hubs complement the RWTH Innovation Coaching program by providing topic-specific platforms for startups and entrepreneurial minds to network, develop and grow.


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