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Balboa Breakdown
Learn Balboa!


Come and break down Balboa with Domi & Cam at The Balboa Breakdown.
They will teach you all the basics including downhold basic, uphold basic, lollies, toss-outs, out & ins and more. They’ll fine-tune your pure bal AND your bal-swing.
They will give you variations and technique tips so you’re ready to go wild at any Balboa festival that strikes your fancy.
They‘ll make sure you’re not the one who breaks down! 😉

- Domi & Cam

Simple Basics?

Simple Basics is our level concept for starting a dance. You will learn your first steps and positions in the first two hours. The second two hours will help you dive deeper into understanding the dance and solidify your basics. After those 4 hours, you are welcome in the curious concept.

The Concept:

3 Evenings á 2 h to teach you all you need to start

Date and Time:


- 22.5. 18:00 - 20:00 h - Bal in a day/Simple Basics 1 -> Street Motion Studio
- 5.6. 18:00 - 20:00 h - Simple Basics 2 -> Street Motion Studio
- 19.6. 18:00 - 20:00 h - Curious -> STT Reichenau, Radetzkystraße 43f


- only 1st Block - 25 €

- only 2nd Block - 25 €

- only 3rd Block - 25 €

- 1st and 2nd Block - 50 €

- 2nd and 3rd Block - 50 €

- Everything - 70 €



* you need to register until Saturday, before the class.

Write to us, if you have any questions!

Keep on dancing,

Alpine Jitterbugs Innsbruck


Like in any dance, we have to two roles.
Leads and Follows!

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