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Business-Knigge for international SRH students

You want to know how to prepare adequately for a job interview in Germany? You would like to know what business etiquette in Germany is all about? Then visit our exclusive events on the topic of 'Business-Knigge' on Thursday 8th July from 12:00 - 14:00 p.m on site at the Campus Hamm. Take your last chance and take part!

What to expect:

•   Business Behaviour in Germany

•   Special features in German companies

•   Management of young employees (high potentials) 

•   Cultural differences Germany - India 


Important: Please come in business attire. Imagine you are invited to a job interview.

Language of the workshops: English

Maximum number of participants: 15

Many of your fellow students have already taken part: Now we are looking forward to meeting you!​​​​​​



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